Wedding Cakes 

If you can imagine it we will create it.

Award winning cake designer and Competition cake decorating judge and teacher; will make and decorate your wedding cake Not only will it  look amazing but also taste delicious. We offer a huge selection with designs that suit your style and theme! Click to see our creations! and if you have a different design in mind..? No problem.

It’s Your Wedding – Get the Cake of your Dreams

A wedding is a special occasion no matter where it is, such as in Melbourne or any other place in Australia. Wherever it is, it is hard to imagine one without fancy cakes. It is easy to get carried away with tasks of preparing for your wedding in Melbourne and making sure everything is up to your standards. Award-winning cakes designers, Elegant Occasions has been designing and decorating cakes for 35 years. Besides making sure cakes appear out of this world, our cake artists and ensure they taste good too.

Your wedding day is special and it is best to leave all arrangements to the experts to not only make sure everything turns out perfect, but to take as much stress off yourselves as possible. Get in touch as soon as you have set your date because time flies and the big day will be upon you sooner than you know.

We can bake one of the best wedding cakes in Melbourne for your wedding as per your choice once you have made the important design decisions for cakes. To make sure you do not go wrong, our expert wedding designers for cakes work closely with you every step of the way.


Wedding Services in Melbourne

We provide a professional wedding services for cakes and make sure your experience is a memorable one. We provide cakes at many different locations in Melbourne including churches, gardens, reception centres, special venues and more, and we are trusted by many all over Australia.

You can trust us with more than just wedding cakes in Melbourne. You can also trust us to create your wedding invitations and floral designs. Whatever you need, we are also the people to turn to for planning a perfect event.

Ordering Wedding Cakes in Melbourne

Picking perfect cakes for your wedding in Melbourne does not have to be an ordeal. At Elegant Occasions, we make the process of picking cakes simple by providing details of all cakes and flavours available as well as all the styles or designs that may interest you. All you need to do is to get in touch with us with once you have your wedding date set, and we take full responsibility for delivering the perfect cake for your wedding date.

Vital Tips for the Perfect Wedding Cakes in Melbourne

Planning a wedding in Melbourne requires a lot of effort, and it is easy to go wrong, especially when it comes to picking cakes. Here are a few tips to keep your wedding plans on track:

  • It is easy to get carried away when picking wedding cakes, so make sure you set a budget and stick to it.

  • Wedding cakes tend to attract a lot of attention, so it is best to give the design some thought.

  • Consider likes and dislikes for cakes, including allergies, not only for yourself and your partner, but for your guests.

  • It is not a good idea to rush anything, especially a wedding plan; take your time during the selection process for cakes.

Trust Us with Wedding Cake

We have designed award-winning cakes for many weddings and have been designing wedding cakes in Melbourne for over 35 years. All cakes we make are delicious and  unique designs just for you. We will assist you to design design and create a cake custom made just for you

Elegant Occasions is the perfect place to make your wedding arrangements – from organising an event, styling a venue, designing all invitations, making floral designs and delivering perfect wedding cakes, we are here to take the stress away so that you can enjoy your day.

We have a well-trained and experienced cake designers cakes who carry the relevant certification to make sure you get the cake you want for a memorable day. Our kitchen is health department registered.

  • Gluten free cake

  • Eggless cakes

  • Mississippi mud cake

  • Hazelnut torte

  • Salted Caramel mud cake

  • Cointreau mud cake

  • Marble mud cake

  • Red Velvet Cake

  • White chocolate mud cake

  • Continental sponge cake

  • Strawberry swirl mud cake

  • Mocha mud cake

  • Croquenbouche

  • Fruit cake

  • Baci mud cake

  • Peppermint crisp mud cake

  • Ferraro Rocher mud cake

  • Raspberry swirl and white chocolate cake

  • Butter cake

  • Citrus and chocolate mud cake